Laundry in Cassis

Laundry in Cassis
I have to admit, this is the prettiest laundry display I ever saw. Cassis, Provence.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ALL THE BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK - James Gulliver Hancock

I love this awesome graphic illustrator "James Gulliver Hancock" !!
His drawing is so uniquely amazing.  Very childlike, whimsical, dark, sophisticated and fun at the same time.  He drew some iconic things of each city such as "all the rain in London", "all the bicycles in Berlin"  and here "all the buildings in New York"
Last heard, he attempts to draw all the buildings in New York. LOL awesome man!
 I find it very inspiring and fun to look at.  He is a husband of my favorite singer/songer writer Lenka.  He produces artwork for Lenka's albums too.  More of his artwork please check out at his official website  James Gulliver Hancock

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