Laundry in Cassis

Laundry in Cassis
I have to admit, this is the prettiest laundry display I ever saw. Cassis, Provence.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mini dress form

I decided to get a mini dress form for my design development uses.  It is a half size dress form (size 6) from  PGM Pro.  I shopped around from stores in Garment District who offered $150 for one dress form.  I finally found it from PGM company eBay store for $116 plus you get some extra patternmaking kit and free shipping and no tax (except CA).

So today I started basic draping to get a basic bodice, torso, and skirt slopers for future design development.   It is harder than I thought it should be to drape this half size.  Keep in mind, this is a half size but it "feels" smaller actual half size.

The advantages of using half size is that you save materials, space and time.  It is quicker to help you visualize your design in muslin or real fabric.  The proportion is very realistic.  Great for design development process.  The disadvantage is that you won't be able to fit on a person.  You will need to enlarge it later. You will have some trouble using normal size trims such as buttons.
 I love the dress form.  After all it is like having a new doll... very useful, professional one :)

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