Laundry in Cassis

Laundry in Cassis
I have to admit, this is the prettiest laundry display I ever saw. Cassis, Provence.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome you and myself to my new workshop

Hey everyone...

So.. ummm this is my first ever blog! What I wanted to do is to keep posted my creative and fun projects here.  I'm an independent fashion designer.  I live in New York City but will be moving back to my home country Thailand soon.  I will have my own boutique there one day.

"Atelier Citronnade" or so call it "Lemonade Workshop" is pretty much part of my scrapbook of who I am and what I love. So this will be a kind of place that I'm figuring out what my boutique will be like in the future.

Stop by anytime... I'll try to post new stuffs as often as I can. Feel free to leave comments and questions.


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