Laundry in Cassis

Laundry in Cassis
I have to admit, this is the prettiest laundry display I ever saw. Cassis, Provence.

Friday, March 11, 2011

When You Grow Up

Last month, there was an album cover design contest "When You Grow Up" by the singer/song writer Priscilla Ahn. She is Korean/American. I love her music so much. So I thought I should design the album cover for her just for fun, why not... :) It was quite a challenge to come up with the design. It could be anything involving your childhood memory, love and fantasy.  So here is what I did:

The girl is Priscilla Ahn.  I got the inspiration image from her Youtube video when she was having her longhair cut short.  This reminded me of the hair style I had when I was young.  Most girls I know had this hair style. It was a very moving and lovely video.  The prince is crowning Priscilla, she is about to become a princess.  I'm sure all girls wanted to be a princess.... But when you grow up, looking back to your childhood time was something fun and sad at the same time.  You did not know what you were about to become.  You had dreams, fantasy and private treasures.  Those things sometimes are forgotten by your present lifestyle.  It is good to bring them back from time to time, the same child inside you. Here is a lovely song "When You Grow Up" which is due in May 2011.

I did not win the contest but having seen all the entries was such a treat! If you are interested in this sort of creative contests, you should definitely check this out.

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